15 May 2018

Born in France, currently living in Nantes.
Caroline Lusseaux studied Painting and Art History at Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and Graphic design (Ecole Estienne, Paris).
As graphic designer and illustrator, she has always worked with pictures. But in 2015, Photography suddenly invaded her artistic universe.
Since 2017 she works on a personal project, Maelström, between reality and fiction, dealing with intimacy, feelings, and origins.
She is a member of the collective Les Globules noirs with Céline Gobillard and Andrea Wasaff.


2018 – Maelström – Opus II, group projection (Arja Hyytiäinen workshop) – Pied Doré.
2018 – Nos Malentendus, residency and exhibition with “Les Globules noirs” – Maison des Arts, Saint-Herblain.
2018 – Maelström – Opus I, group exhibition (Claudine Doury workshop) – Ile de Groix.
2017 – Group exhibition (Claudine Doury workshop) – Ile de Batz.
2015 – Frånvaro, group projection (Martin Bogren workshop) – QPN, Nantes.


2018 – Contre-feu, collaboration with “Les Globules noirs” + “Minuit” collectives.
2016 – Frånvaro, self-published.